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From an idea to the game changer!

Having worked within the building profession all his life and moving into various roles, Carl Delehedy took up plastering. With 25 years in the plastering industry Carl gained a wealth of knowledge and experience. During this time Carl would often be faced with frustrating obstacles, making a job more time-consuming and strenuous. Carl was constantly thinking of ways to make the plastering work easier, more efficient and less tiring, without compromising on quality and finish of the job.

Then Carl had a eureka moment… a plastic trowel was the way forward.

As the concept of the plastic trowel was unique Carl was advised to undertake Intellectual Property protection and this was granted in 2001. The plastic trowel ‘invention’ has since progressed through numerous stages of development, ultimately now recognised across the UK building trade and used by 15,000 plasterers.

Traditional trowels are manufactured from steel and changing this was the number 1 priority. Introducing plastic as opposed to steel would allow the blade to flex to the surface. This flexibility would aid the plasterer’s effort to overcome obstacles such as curved surfaces.

By combining the plastic blade with a steel trowel offered advantages such as replaceable blades, and exchangeable / personal handle preference; choice of 2 in 1 solution for specific jobs on site and much more.

A slot in fixture ‘shoe’ was necessary, bonded to the plastic. The prototype proved that the concept worked, although flexibility was reduced due the ‘shoe’ reinforcing the plastic

Inserting a stretch of foam in the centre of the plastering plate and shoe provided a means of suspension, thus granting the flexibility back into the trowel.

The plastic trowel designed by Carl Delehedy has consistently received five star ratings from customers and distributors.

Our Products

Blade only - Available from 14" to 28"
(Inc VAT £17.22)
Blade only - Available from 12" to 16" 10.82 to 12.48
(Inc VAT £12.98)
Fits the Delehedy blades
(Inc VAT £13.1)