The large triangular head and specialized pivot mechanism make the Trigon180° a great non-flip detail sander. The Trigon180° is 56% larger then standard rectangle sanders.

The replaceable all in one pad and bumper make corner sanding stutter free and Fluid without damaging the adjacent corner. Much like the sole of a tennis shoe; this patented replaceable pad is made up of 2 layers:

1. A firm wear resistant rubber.

2. Thin pliable layer of foam.

These 2 layers act like a shock absorber on the work surface. A walls surface is not truly flat. The flexible nature of the Trigon180 forms to the wall giving you a perfect finish. Hard sanding pads have a tendency to bridge and streak the soft finish compound
Full Circle FX4 4ft Fixed Length Pole
(Inc £10.79)
Pole Hub Adapter for Radius 360 & Trigon Sanders
(Inc £14.39)
Trigon 180 Sander
(Inc £34.48)
Trigon 180 Sander Adaptor Plate
(Inc £20.69)
Trigon 180 Replacement Pad
(Inc £12.88)
Trigon 180 Sander Sheets 150 Grit 5 pack
(Inc £5.00)
Out Of Stock
Trigon 180 Sander Sheets 100 Grit 25 pack
(Inc £22.06)
Trigon 180 Sander Sheets 100 Grit 5 pack
(Inc £5.00)
Trigon 180 Sander Sheets 150 Grit 25 pack
(Inc £22.06)
Out Of Stock