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TapeTech Carbon Fiber Automatic Taper
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At just 5.65 pounds, the 07TT-C is up to 20% lighter than standard tapers, which helps in reducing worker fatigue. The main tube and the control tube are carbon fiber, a material that will not dent and is temperature-neutral. No more cold tubes in the winter or hot tubes in the summer!

Features Include:

  • Adjustable Braking System. This feature allows you to adjust the braking system for your personal preference.
  • Quick-Change Tape Bail Locks into place, making it easy to change tape rolls without having to put the taper down.
  • No Hassle Cable Changes. The plunger stop has been improved to simplify cable changes.
  • Easy Grip Control Tube. The control tube has been lengthened 2.5" and glide wheels added to make tape cuts easier and more comfortable.
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