Drywall Power Tools

Drywall sanders, Drywall Vacuums, Plaster Mixers, drywall screw guns, laser levels, transformers and Leads.

We stock high performance power tools from popular and reputable brands including FLEX, DEWALT, Refina and more. Our high performance tools are ideal for professional use and will help you to achieve a professional finish across a plethora of dry lining and plastering projects.

Sanding Power Tools

In this range you’ll find everything you need to create a seamless finish on walls and ceilings. We stock popular sanding power tools from trusted brands including Flex and Fox, as well as a variety of power tool accessories such as carrying cases, hoses and adaptors.

Drywall Vacuums & Vacuum Bags

Professional vacuums offer better suction power and larger capacity than standard vacuums. Most of the professional vacuums in our range are also suitable for wet vacuuming and can be adapted to fit sanding equipment.

Our vacuum range includes a variety of professional vacuums suitable for working environments. We stock top of the range models from Fox and Flex, designed to efficiently and rapidly remove plaster and wood dust to create healthier and safer working environments.

Plasterboard Fixing Tools

In this range you’ll find cordless nail gun and nails for use on concrete and plasterboard from trusted brands including DEWALT and FLEX.

Plaster Mixers

Our plaster mixer range is home to a variety of professional mixing tools ideal for mixing plasters, paints, resins and more. We stock ‘H’ handle ‘D’ handle and dual paddle mixers from Refina, FLEX, DEWALT and Virtex as well as separate mixing paddles.

Laser Levels

Laser levelling tools help you to achieve precise results for a wide variety of applications including dry lining, tiling, installing wall fixing and much more. We stock a selection of laser levels including multi-line lasers and cross line lasers.

Trailing Leads and Transformers

Our Trailing/extension leads and transformers are designed for use with on-site tools such as power tools and working lights.
Plaster Mixer Tools
Plaster Mixer Tools
Find a range of plaster mixer tools here at Dry Lining. We stock plaster mixing drills from top brands such as Refina and Virtex. Orders over 100 include free, next day delivery.
Laser Levels
Laser Levels
Laser Levels
Transformers & Leads
Transformers & Leads
Transformers & Leads
Power Tools
Flex Foam Soft Backing Pad
Flex Foam Soft Backing Pad
(Inc £21.72)
Fox F7830 1400w Mixer 110V
(Inc £104.64)
Fox Fleece Bag for F50-811
(Inc £7.42)
Flex Sander Bag for GE5 & GE5R
(Inc £117.12)
Flex Flat Cartridge Filter For VCE35
(Inc £41.02)
Flex Fleece Bags For VCE26
(Inc £25.63)
Flex VCE26 Vacuum 110v
(Inc £262.80)
Flex Fleece Bags For VCE35
(Inc £37.57)
Fox Re-usable Fleece Bag for F50-801
Fleece bag for the Fox F50-801 Vacuum
(Inc £51.62)
Flex Hose for GE5 & GE5R
(Inc £94.08)
Flex Bail Handle
(Inc £58.31)
Flex Hose Adaptor for GE5 & GE5R
(Inc £15.25)
FoxPRO Drywall Sander Set
Set Includes: Sander, Vacuum, Carry bag, Bale Handle & Hose.
(Inc £692.40)
Fox 5 pack of Paper Bags for F50-801
Fleece bag for the Fox F50-801 Vacuum
(Inc £24.48)
Flex Hose Adaptor for GE5 & GE5R
(Inc £13.00)
Flex Fleece Bags For VCE33
(Inc £30.66)
Transformer 3.3kva Dual Socket
(Inc £62.39)
Fox Fleece Bags for F50-800
Pack of 5
(Inc £20.30)
Nilfisk Aero 26-21PC Bags
Pack of 5
(Inc £20.30)
Makita Vac Bags for VC3511L/1
Pack of 5 bags for VC3511L/1
(Inc £34.72)
Fox Sander Carry Bag
(Inc £65.40)
FoxPRO Drywall Sander 110 volt
(Inc £538.80)
Flex GE 5R Sander 110 volt
New Flex Lightweight Sander only.With open head to allow sanding of internal angles.
(Inc £674.40)
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Flex GE 5 Sander 110 volt
New Flex Lightweight Sander only.
(Inc £610.80)
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Screen-Kut Mesh Discs Single
(Inc £3.85)
Fox Vacuum F50-800 110 volt
(Inc £160.80)
Refina mega mixer handle mm30 model
Megamixer MM30 Mixer
(Inc £344.40)
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Refina MM21 Mega Mixer 1150W & 140mm Spiral Paddle
Megamixer MM21 Mixer
(Inc £249.60)
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Refina MM22 Mega Mixer 1150W & 140mm Spiral Paddle
Megamixer MM22 Mixer
(Inc £276.00)
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Orange Refina spiral plaster paddle MR3
Refina Plaster Paddle M14 Thread
Reverse spiral for top to bottom mixing. Threaded M14Sizes 100 to 200mm
(Inc £27.32)
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Megamixer MM19 Mixer
Megamixer MM19 Mixer
(Inc £189.60)
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Nilfisk Aero 26-21PC Wet & Dry Vacuum 1250W 110V
(Inc £277.50)
Out Of Stock
Mixing Paddle 100 x 600mm
(Inc £11.48)
Mixing Paddle 120 x 600mm
(Inc £15.97)
ELS225 Long Arm Large Area Drywall Sander
Eibenstock Drywall Sander
(Inc £574.80)
GE 7
Flex Ge7 M Class Sanding Set
(Inc £1400.40)