Plaster Mixer Tools

Quick change paddle connector kit 3 part kit.
(Inc £59.83)
Megamixer MM30 Mixer
(Inc £334.80)
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Megamixer MM22 Mixer
(Inc £284.40)
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Megamixer MM21 Mixer
(Inc £250.80)
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DeWalt 54 Mixer Unit & Paddle Only
(Inc £360.00)
DeWALT Dual Handle Paddle Mixer
(Inc £330.00)
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Megamixer MM19 Mixer
(Inc £213.60)
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Vitrex Plaster Mixer 1400W
(Inc £150.85)
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Refina Plaster Paddle M14 Thread - 100mm to 200mm available
Reverse spiral for top to bottom mixing. Threaded M14Sizes 100 to 200mm
(Inc £33.00)
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Mixing Paddle 120 x 600mm
(Inc £16.96)
Faithfull M14 Mixing Paddle 160 x 610mm
(Inc £33.48)
White Mixing Tub 35 ltr
(Inc £20.48)
White Mixing Tub 50 ltr
(Inc £29.35)
White Mixing Tub 75 ltr
(Inc £40.13)
White Mixing Tub 100 ltr
(Inc £49.85)
Black Mixing Tub 35 ltr
(Inc £17.11)
Black Mixing Tub 75 ltr
(Inc £32.95)
Black Mixing Tub 50 ltr
(Inc £23.87)
Black Mixing Tub 100 ltr
(Inc £40.13)
Black Mixing Tub 90 litre
(Inc £17.98)
Black Mixing Tub 65 litre
(Inc £16.73)
Mixing Paddle 100 x 600mm
(Inc £12.19)

Plaster Mixer Tools – Refinia Mixers, Vitrex Mixers – Cordless Plaster Mixers & Plaster Mixing Drills

Browse our selection of high quality plaster mixer tools suitable for professionals. Any order over £100 will include free next working day delivery. Need advice on a product? Our friendly and knowledgeable team are available to chat via email or phone Monday –Friday 8am to 5pm.

Dry Lining Stock High Quality, Durable & Efficient Plaster Mixers From a Range of Top and Trusted Brands Including:


The Refina Megamixer range is home to a selection of high quality plaster mixing tools ideal for mixing finish and backing plaster as well as render, mortar, screed and even paint. Each Refina Mixer comes with a 1 year tool and paddle guarantee.
refina logo and plaster mixer


Vitrex has been leading supplier to the home improvement market for over 70 years. Virtex’s power mixers are high performance tools, specialy designed to help produce professional quality results.
virtex logo and plaster mixing drill


Renowned for their superior quality, Dewalt power tools are ideal for professionals and Home DIYers aiming to achieve a professional finish on home projects. Each Dewalt plaster mixer offers an ergonomic design, created to ensure the user can work comfortably and efficiently
dewalt logo and mixer