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Available in 14" 16" & 18"
(Inc VAT £10.56)
Available in 14" 16" & 18"
(Inc VAT £8.45)
We all know the significance of keeping your tools, especially your plastering trowels, clean and taking good care of them, to avoid replacing them over and over again. Wallets have been designed to protect your plastering trowel edges from damag, while not in use. Looking after your plastering trowels will save you the expense of having to purchase earlier than expected. You have invested in brand names of trowels, and If properly looked after, they should last you for years. Unfortunately, accidents can occur and do happen. Placing your trowels in a protective wallet at the end of the day only takes a minute, giving you piece of mind. By using a wallet it shows that you care about your trade and respect the importance of your tools, giving the impression you care about the standard of your work. The sharper the edges of your tools, the more likely you are achieving that desired quality finish.