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Radius 360 Air & Flex Air Dustless Set
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Radius 360 air and Flex Air dustless sanding set
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Radius 360 Air

Designed to achieve 98% dust-free operation, the Radius 360 air is a design based on the original Full circle Radius 360 sander. The sander offers a full range of motion for efficient and virtually effortless sanding.

• Light weight ensures easy handling (under 2lbs including pole)
• Virtually dust free working environment – 98% dustless
• Will work with any shop vacuum
• Centre hub will quickly convert from hand to pole sander and vice versa
• Patented pivot joint

Flex Air

The Flex air is the ideal sanding tool for dust free detail sanding and corner sanding.


• Light weight ensures easy handling (under 2lbs including pole)
• Patented ‘no flip’ 360 pivot joint
• Compatible with any shop vacuum
• Will connect to a variety of sheet sand paper
• Hook and loop rubber and foam pad connects to foam abrasive ensuring smooth and even finish
• Centre hub the same as Radius 360 air

Full Circle Air Package Includes

• Radius 360 air head
• Flex Air head
• Pole assembly – 2 x 2’ aluminium poles, connector and 12” HDPE pole handle
• Universal adapter for vacuum hose
• 14” vacuum hose assembly
• Level 360 discs - 1 x 180 grit, 1 x 220 grit and 1 x 150 grit
• Flex air abrasive foam pads - 1 x medium and 1 x fine
• Flex air sandpaper - 1 x 150 grit, 1 x 180 girt and 1 x 220 grit
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